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About Us

Company is operated by GY Telecom Ltd. It's a part of a global group company, the leading force in the world of the mobile phone recycling and re-use market.


We have been working diligently in this sector of the industry for over 16 years. Our well-established extensive worldwide sales and distribution networking enables us to perform at the top of the market. Therefore, we can achieve the most competitive price value for our customers.


In this fast paced and dynamic 'mobile technology' industry, we have skilfully positioned ourselves as a leading force, with networking, resources and solutions to drive and shift the market.

We are a customer-focused and service-led organization, with a can-do attitude and approachable individuals to deliver results more rapidly than other competitors.

Please also kindly read our Reasons to Choose Us. You will soon realize that we are unique in this field with an extremely strong commercial and financial reputation. We do not only pay top prices but we also strive to deliver excellent customer service and prompt payments.


In promoting the concept of recycling and re-use, we help to bring down levels of electronic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills which pollute the environment. What we are doing not only directly benefits us and our customers, but also assists people in poorer economic countries.

Thank you for joining us at TopDollarMobile. Together let's make a better life, a better planet!